Parasound Unveils Two Compact Powerful Installation Amplifiers ZM2 and ZM4

Parasound has expanded the ZoneMaster line of installation amplifiers with two compact yet powerful ZM2 and ZM4 models. The ZM2 is a two-channel amplifier, capable of driving four speakers and equipped with an 80 Hz low-pass filter for subwoofers and ring outputs for one zone.

The ZM4 amplifier, as the name implies, is four-channel and is suitable for working with eight speakers, and is also capable of broadcasting a signal in two zones and supports a serial connection.

Parasound ZM2 ZM4

In both models, each channel delivers 150 watts into 4 and 2 ohms, typical for installation acoustics, and 120 watts into 8 ohms, more typical for high-fi. Modules from the Danish company ICEpower (independent for each zone) are used as amplifiers – they work in tandem with a proprietary input stage designed in class AB. This design made it possible to make the amplifiers powerful, but at the same time compact, plus eliminate unnecessary heating.

In the ZM4 model, sources for different zones can be either common or different. Each gain channel has individual level control. It is also possible to daisy chain multiple amplifiers. A switch on the rear panel allows you to select the mode of operation of each channel: stereo or mono.

Parasound ZM2 ZM4

Trigger options are classic for installation amplifiers: 12V trigger, audio signal appearance, or a button on the front panel. In ZM4, you can turn on zones individually or all at once. Both amplifiers are available in a black finish and are rack-mountable – although the ZM2 requires a ZRK adapter due to its half height.

The ZM2 is already available in the US for $495, and the ZM4 will be available in October for $995.

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