Lumio Teno: lamp, speaker and art object

The American company Lumio, which a few years ago distinguished itself by creating an unusual multifunctional LED lamp in the form of a book, launched a new project on Kickstarter. This time the company came up with an unusual Teno column lamp. At first glance, the invention looks like a kind of stone art object with a crack in the center, but as soon as this “object” is opened, light and music will burst out. It sounds pretentious, but that’s how Teno works.

In simple terms, the device is a folding mini-lamp with a built-in speaker. The illumination of the LED module is only activated in the unfolded state. You can adjust the backlight level and audio volume (the signal is transmitted via Bluetooth) using sensors on the device itself.

Lumio Teno

The unusual design of the column is complemented by a non-trivial finish: fine sand was used in the outer coating to make the Teno look like a sculpture, not a gadget. By the way, the shape of the bowl was also chosen for a reason – the manufacturer put into this his philosophy associated with oriental culture.

From a technical point of view, Teno is hardly surprising: a 250 lumen light source, one 45 mm speaker, a passive bass radiator, a 10 W amplifier. There is a possibility of pairing two speakers in stereo, you can use one speaker as a speakerphone.

Lumio Teno

The company also said that the signal is being processed for a more balanced and softer sound. One speaker should be sufficient for a medium sized room. The battery is rated for 5 hours of operation if the backlight is unscrewed at full power.

There is still a month left before the end of the fundraising campaign. They raised more than $170,000, but only $75,000 needed to be raised. So the crowdfunding has already been successful. Teno can be ordered through Kickstarter for a minimum price of $240. There are two color options: arctic white or lava black.