Prism Sound ADA-128: Modular 128-channel ADC/DAC in 2U Package

The Prism Sound Dream ADC-DAC line has been expanded with the ADA-128 modular converter. It was officially presented during the 149th AES Convention Online. The novelty is capable of providing up to 128 channels of 32-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion at a carrier frequency of up to 768 kHz.

The ADA-128 is housed in a 19-inch 2U mainframe rack-mount enclosure that can accommodate up to 16 analog and digital I / O modules with mic / line inputs. They each provide eight input and output ports.

Prism Sound ADA-128

The ADA-128 can accommodate up to four host modules for bi-directional, multi-channel communication with hosts, workstations, networks, and more. The ADA-128 provides flexible routing between all of these inputs and outputs, complete with processing functions.

The system provides independent synchronization of I/O cards. They can be combined into domains with a common sample rate and clock rate. ADA-128 can host up to four such domains. According to Prism Sound, the ADA-128 significantly outperforms the previous flagship ADA-8XR, which would cost £ 25,000 more to do the same.

So far, only the approximate prices of new items are known. The ADA-128 chassis will sell for $6,500 in the US. Host cards will cost around $950 and I/O cards from $2,100.