Mark Levinson № 5105 Turntable

6kg disc and belt drive

The Mark Levinson № 5105 turntable is classified by the manufacturer as Hi-End. Its design is dominated by aluminum and glass.

The massive aluminum body rests on composite shock-absorbing mounts. The steel disc axle weighing more than 6kg rotates in maintenance-free precision bearings thanks to a belt drive from a synchronous electric motor. The voltage for it is generated by a digital processor.

“Trends in sound reproduction are cyclical, and we are seeing an amazing but predictable resurgence of interest in vinyl records. For true connoisseurs of analog sound, it is important that the signal is transmitted without distortion. Meticulous manual work in the creation of Mark Levinson № 5105 in combination with the brand’s advanced technologies allowed us to create a unique player that will convey to the listener the smallest nuances of compositions with pinpoint accuracy”, said Evgeny Konov, CEO of HARMAN Russia.

The № 5105 comes with a 25 cm carbon arm with an MC cartridge, a traditional brass hourglass clamp and a signature slipmat, which is packaged with the instructions as a double vinyl album.

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