Rumors: two more models are in the joint development of Ikea and Sonos

Ikea and Sonos have continued to collaborate to create “interior” speakers. First of all, a replenishment of the Symfonisk line is planned. As always, the most reliable information was found among the filings filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There are already two of them.

A hint of Symfonisk’s replenishment also surfaced on Ikea’s Instagram page. But in the updated version, only one of the two models of the series will be released – the Symfonisk table lamp. In the current US version, it costs $ 180. The second model, the $ 100 column shelf, will remain unchanged.

The second product, codenamed Titan, will look like a wall-mounted design object. Alternatively, it can be a print, reproduction or applique. It is known that the power cable is connected to it from below. But the sources are still silent about the functions of “Titan”, limiting themselves to the phrase “wireless module”.

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