Merason Unveils Sound Enhancing Pow1 Power Supply Module For Frérot DAC

The Swiss Merason Frérot DAC has received a useful addition – the Merason Pow1 power supply. Experts from the company dafraud GmbH, which owns the Merason brand, promised that this module will give the sound of the Merason Frérot DAC additional calmness, uniformity and space.

The novelty is harmoniously combined with the DAC not only in the electronic, but also in the design sense. A special cable with 5-pin connectors was used to supply power from Merason Pow1 to Frérot.

Merason Pow1 Power Supply Module For Frérot DAC

The appearance of Pow1 can be explained, among other things, by the popularity of the Merason Frérot model, created on the basis of the top-end Merason DAC1. At the same time, it became known that from the beginning of May the price of Frérot will increase by approximately 10% – up to 1,100 euros. The reason is the increase in logistics costs in the context of a pandemic.

The Merason Pow1 power module will be available from April 1, prepayment available now. The cost of Merason Pow1 in Europe is 690 euros.

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