VTA It will help you adjust the height of the tonearm in Pro-Ject players

In the catalog of the Austrian company Pro-Ject Audio Systems, a very useful accessory has appeared: a device for adjusting the height of the VTA It tonearm installation. This is a small insert that is installed under the tonearm and raises it above the table surface by 1.5mm. VTA It can be used on the Pro-Ject players of the Debut I-III, Debut Carbon, Debut Carbon EVO, Essential I-III series, which are standard.

Changing the height of the tonearm in the Pro-Ject player may be necessary, for example, in cases where the pickup head is installed at a higher height than the standard model, or when using a thick mat (such as Cork It). This feature is available in the tonearms of the company’s expensive players, but it is not available in the affordable models.

1,5mm tonearm spacer

This was done not only because the presence of a tonearm height adjustment (VTA angle) would increase the cost of the player, but also due to the relative complexity of the adjustment procedure and the fact that, as a rule, novice users do not always need this setting. However, in order to make it easier for music lovers to upgrade their players of the above series, Pro-Ject has released the VTA It accessory.

1,5mm tonearm spacer

The procedure for installing VTA It is described in detail in the attached instructions, where each stage of this work is illustrated with a corresponding photo. Please note that this work requires the use of a special tool, which is not included in the delivery package, and can only be performed by a qualified specialist or a user with relevant experience. To install this accessory, Pro-Ject recommends that you contact a Hi-Fi salon that has the appropriate authorization, as improper installation of the VTA It can lead to damage to the player and loss of the right to warranty service.

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