Mesanovic introduced professional RTM10 monitors and Iso Platform vibration isolation system

The American company Mesanovic, which produces professional microphones, has added several new products to the catalog. The most important new product is RTM10 monitors — the company has not previously produced such equipment. The SC1 condenser microphone and Iso Platform isolation platform are also included in the model range. The Mesanovic RTM10 monitor speaker is a three-band active system with DSP. The model was created for both listening to music and working in the Studio. Among the main features, the company highlighted the frequency range (RTM10 plays the bottom of 28 Hz), “incredibly” low distortion, fast response, dynamics and “great” imagery. In other words, the manufacturer promised almost everything that a lover of high-quality sound and a professional sound engineer needs.

It is worth adding that Mesanovic used the following components: aluminum tape tweeters with a thickness of 4 microns and a weight of 0.01g, aluminum midrange speakers 5 inches, aluminum long-stroke bass players 10 inches (the bass driver was installed on the side) and d-class amplifiers Hypex NCore. Each monitor has three amplifiers. The total power was 650W. According to Mesanovic, all RTM10 monitors will pass a series of tests and complete calibration in an anechoic chamber.

The SC1 microphone received a small “cast” metal body and the ability to change the caps. The company recommended SC1 for stereo recording (you need two microphones) of percussion, strings, and keyboards. In addition, the microphone is suitable for capturing sound from guitar cabinets/combos. Finally, the Iso Platform stand is a specialized isolation platform for speakers. The basis of the model-springs, the load on which allows you to achieve almost complete absence of vibration.

Prices, for the US: $7,500 for a pair of RTM10 monitors, $1,200 for a set of two SC1 microphones for stereo recording (replacement caps are included in the set) and $800 for an Iso Platform stand.