Neil Young and Chord Electronics talk about the right way to listen to music from Neil Young Archives

On the site of the “audiophile” music service Neil Young Archives (NYA), dedicated to the work of Neil Young (this service was launched in 2017), a small article appeared with instructions on how to connect the Chord Electronics Mojo portable DAC to Apple devices.

According to the article, this DAC, when properly connected, will provide “the highest quality in Xstream format.” If you believe what was written, this is how Neil Young himself listens to music from NYA.

Fans of high-quality sound were offered to use an iPhone (or iPad) as a basis, to which a special Apple Camera Adapter must be connected via a wire. The Mojo DAC must be connected to the adapter using the supplied USB cable. Well, it remains to connect headphones to the DAC-amplifier. You don’t need to do any more – we play music on the NYA service and enjoy “full resolution”.

It is worth noting that Chord Electronics Sales Director Colin Pratt also took part in this “project.” According to him, Mojo will be able to reveal all the musical information that “other DACs simply cannot reproduce”.

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