Additional subwoofers available for Enclave Audio CineHome II and CineHome PRO wireless DK systems

Enclave Audio has announced the launch of additional subwoofers for its CineHome II and CineHome PR wireless DC systems. These are models with an 8 “emitter for the CineHome II and a 10” for the CineHome PRO. If desired, the user can wirelessly connect up to four subwoofers to his system at the same time (this will result in a 5.4 format configuration).

According to Enclave, the subwoofers were created specifically for the aforementioned surround kits. In addition, each sub can be further customized via the CineHub Remote app. According to the company, you can connect one or more additional subwoofers in just a few minutes: you need to install the sub, connect the power, open the mobile application and reset the system settings (reboot) so that the additional subwoofers work.

Subwoofers for Enclave Audio CineHome II and CineHome PRO wireless DK systems

Both models (the older EA-1000-THXSUB-US and the younger EA-200-SUB-US) received MDF enclosures, Class D amplifiers and bespoke speakers.

The cost of the 10-inch version in the US was $550, and for the 8-inch sub (for the CineHome II) they will ask for $400.

Recall that CineHome wireless kits work with a CineHub audio transmitter equipped with Dolby Audio, DTS Digital Surround and uncompressed PCM support. CineHome is based on WiSA technology. CineHome PRO is THX certified.

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