Queen’s performance at the Live Aid festival became the most popular music video in history

Online ticket service for concerts and various events TicketSource, after studying statistics on video recordings of musical performances, came to the conclusion that the most popular recording in history was the performance of the band Queen at the Live Aid festival in 1985.

According to TicketSource research, the 20-minute video of Queen on Live Aid was viewed on YouTube (meaning different channels) about 137 million times in total, this performance was searched through YouTube about 4.8 million times, and about 1.4 million requests were made through Google.

On the 100-point popularity scale, which TicketSource brought out specifically for the study, Queen’s performance on Live Aid scored 90.63 points, significantly surpassing such famous pop artists as Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. However, the two singers ‘ joint performance at the 2020 Super Bowl came in second place.

Also included in the list of the most popular music videos were performances by Lady Gaga, the band on Coldplay, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles (the concert “Shea Stadium 1965”) and Nirvana (“MTV is off”).

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