Raekwon Timbre Seven in snakeskin: hip-hop star’s studio monitor

Corey Woods – an American east coast rapper and member of the multi-platinum hardcore rap group Wu-Tang Clan, received monitor speakers for his studio and even unboxed them. This is a pair of custom-made Timbre SEVEN bookshelves by Leon Speakers – especially for the hardcore rap star.

“Raekwon’s core desire was to have something no one else had — something one of a kind,” said Noah Kaplan, owner and founder of Leon Speakers. It looks like that’s how it all turned out. Both speakers, with black grilles and 1-inch-thick solid walnut cabinets, were wrapped in snakeskin on the front.

Each speaker is equipped with a handcrafted aluminum cone woofer and silk dome tweeter. The picture was complemented by an individual package made especially for this occasion. This is a purple box inspired by the album cover of The Purple Tape, Raekwon’s 1995 solo debut.

The cost of the kit was not disclosed.