Rockport Technologies has introduced the second generation of Atria floor speakers with new drivers

The Atria II loudspeaker in the Rockport Technologies portfolio is the successor to the successful Atria loudspeaker. Externally, the floor standing speakers are almost indistinguishable from the previous model, but the set of speakers has been almost completely updated.

At the high end, the Atria II features one-inch beryllium dome tweeters in flowing round aluminum waveguides. The mids and bass are handled by custom drivers designed from the ground up by Rockport Technologies – 6″ and 9″ carbon fiber sandwich composite drivers with a regular structure.

Rockport Technologies Atria II

The moving systems of these emitters received optimized profiles and showed a high stiffness-to-weight ratio. This advantage was supplemented by superlinear powerful magnetic systems. The coordinated operation of the three Atria II speakers was ensured by a re-calculated crossover. The speakers cover the 28 Hz – 30 kHz range with -3dB flatness.

Rockport Technologies Atria II

Atria II received a three-layer cabinet with a front wall more than 10cm thick, curved sides and even a rear panel. This provided a variable cross-section of the internal cavity of the body in combination with its high rigidity. To overcome diffraction anomalies, the front panel has received wide bevels of variable geometry.

Rockport Technologies Atria II

In the US, Rockport Technologies Atria II speakers will cost $26,500 per pair.

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