Rogers E20a/ii – great-grandson of the iconic E20a by Rogers

More than 25 years have passed since Rogers released the iconic E20a integrated tube amplifier, designed to work with the legendary Rogers LS3/5a monitors. And now the well-known Hi-Fi manufacturer presents a reinterpretation of the quarter-century-old model-the E20a/ii amplifier. According to its creators, it is ideal for the LS3/5a Classic and LS5/9 Classic speakers.

The 2021 model features a completely redesigned circuitry that does not prevent the amplifier from operating in pure Class A, delivering “vibrant, dynamic and totally musical performance”. Aluminum housing and 18mm bezel minimize eddy currents for improved sound quality. This is facilitated by the anodizing of the amplifier surfaces.

Rogers E20a/ii

The Rogers E20a/ii integrated tube amplifier is available in two versions – Line and Phono. The device is equipped with four line inputs, one of which can be either the input of the built-in phono stage for moving magnet heads (MM), or a regular line input, depending on the amplifier modification. By special order, you can get a component with an unbalanced output from a pre-amplifier for connecting active acoustics, or external amplifiers.

The output stages of Rogers E20a/ii are based on 6L6GT tubes – two in each channel. In addition, 6SN7 and 12AX7 lamps are used in the circuit. The built-in phono stage is implemented on a pair of 12AX7 tubes. Output power – 18 watts per channel in pure class A when driven into a load with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and less than 1% harmonic distortion.

Rogers E20a/ii

The Rogers E20a/ii amplifier with Line is available for €4,660. For the Phone version you will have to pay 5,240 euros. The amplifiers are available in black, but for an additional 580 euros, the manufacturer is ready to offer the buyer a device in any RAL color.

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