Phono stage Violectric PPA V790 Premium: six inputs, three curves and SNR 143dB

The German studio equipment company (in particular, these are DACs and headphone amplifiers) Lake People electronic GmbH announced the PPA V790 phono stage under the Violectric brand.

The model is said to be aimed at the serious vinyl recording enthusiast. This is evidenced by at least the number of phono amplifier inputs: three unbalanced RCA and three balanced XLR. The output provides the same alternative.

The input stage of the PPA V790 is built on cascaded bipolar transistors – in a fully balanced circuit design. The result is corresponding: the signal-to-noise ratio is 143 dB with a gain of 66 dB.

In this case, any input can be configured for both MM- and MC-cartridges (in the latter case, one of seven switchable input resistances can be selected, and for MM, accordingly, a choice of eight capacitance values ​​is provided). The resulting configuration is saved even after the device is turned off.

In addition, there are three correction curves available in PPA V790: RIAA, NAB or Columbia. The amplification function equalizes the output signal level when using different cartridges. Added to this is a roar filter tuned to 20 Hz with a steepness of 12 dB per octave.

According to the manufacturer, the new product will be available in the third quarter of 2021. The Violectric PPA V790 Premium has a suggested retail price in Europe of 3,990 euros.

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