Sabinetek FinaLace Binaural Bluetooth headphones: AI algorithm for processing surround sound and recording external sounds

The Chinese company-developer of smart audio Sabinetek presented on Kickstarter smart binaural Bluetooth headphones FinaLace. At the recent CES 2021, the model was already awarded the Innovation Award Honoree. At the same time, the design of the FinaLace is quite familiar — these are in-channel headphones in the design of the neck rim.

The FinaLace configuration is also not new: in addition to the in-channel earbuds on flexible cables with a single cable microphone, there are also a couple of microphones on the neck rim that capture ambient sounds.

Sabinetek FinaLace Binaural Bluetooth headphones

According to the developers, the secret lies in the powerful proprietary software that not only processes and, if necessary, records audio, but also allows you to flexibly configure the capture and playback parameters. The system uses elements of artificial intelligence. All this allows you to create a 3D sound and record the sound environment — for example, for video blogging, karaoke or vocals.

The FinaLace sound processing system will allow you to filter out inter-noise and give out a “surprisingly clear voice” not only for a phone conversation, but also in the case of a dialogue against the background of extraneous noise — and the voice of the interlocutor who does not have headphones is also filtered. The speech can then be automatically transcribed into text.

Sabinetek FinaLace Binaural Bluetooth headphones

For musicians, the minimum delay will be interesting, which will allow you to mix your voice and audio track, controlling the volume during recording, which is also suitable for karaoke systems.

The FinaLace project, launched on Kickstarter on January 26, raised more than $50,000 in two days with the $6,450 required to start production. On Kickstarter, the price of the FinaLace for the earliest investors was $80, while the retail price of the model is expected to be $200. Delivery of the first FinaLace headphones to future owners is scheduled for May 2021.

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