Schiit Loki Max EQ: six bands with ladder controls on LC filters

Californian company Schiit Audio has released the Loki Max equalizer. The novelty inherits the already well-known, simpler Schiit models like Loki Mini and Lokius: no graphic slide potentiometers, only rotary dials, which in Loki Max are complemented by a nice remote control in an aluminum case.

But the main thing is inside. Loki Max adjusts frequency response in six bands: 20Hz, 120Hz, 400Hz, 2kHz, 6kHz and 16kHz. Moreover, the depth of adjustment smoothly changes from ± 12dB at the edges of the range to ± 6dB in the middle. At the same time, SOI is promised in the entire frequency range not worse than 0.001%.

Schiit Loki Max

For this, only LC filters (capacitor-inductance) were used in the circuit, and custom coils with a nickel core were used for certain ranges. It all works in a fully discrete bipolar topology.

The cherry on the cake can be considered adjustments specially created for Loki Max branded 31-step relay potentiometers on thin-film resistors with a tolerance of 0.5% and 60 relays under custom firmware.

Schiit Loki Max

The result is an exact match of the parameters of both channels in any position. A C-Core 48 VA transformer was used to power the system. The module based on it provides ±16V and ±32V with double stabilization, plus a separate high-current 5 V power supply for the microprocessor and relay.

In the US, the Schiit Loki Max will cost $1,500.

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