YG Acoustics Vantage Live: Streamer/Preamp & Active Floor Stands

Three companies participated in the creation of the Vantage Live from YG Acoustics: YG Acoustics, Bel Canto and Cambridge Acoustic Sciences.

At the heart of the system are small but heavy (70kg) Vantage floorstands from YG Acoustics. Their anti-resonant aluminum housing houses the ForgeCore tweeter and drivers with BilletCore aluminum cones – not stamped as usual, but milled from solid billets.

YG Acoustics Vantage Live

In the Live set, Vantage speakers work in an active version. The manufacturer spoke about the amplifiers created in collaboration with Bel Canto, which are separately connected to each of the speakers.

Each of these amplifiers receives its own signal, precisely calculated by the system from the crossover and DSP. Particular attention has been paid to the correct phase characteristics. According to the manufacturer, this made it possible to expand the comfortable listening area.

YG Acoustics Vantage Live

A variety of audio sources was provided by a compact controller that distributes the signal to the speakers. Built-in DAC decodes 192kHz PCM, DSD and even MQA. In addition to wired Ethernet, the package includes a high-quality Wi-Fi module.

With them, Vantage Live streams Tidal and Qobuz directly (via the free SEEK app, for example) and is also the Roon endpoint (controlled from a mobile gadget, although there is also an aluminum remote control in the box). In addition, digital inputs include AES / EBU, S / PDIF (BNC), optical (Toslink), USB-B, and USB host.

YG Acoustics Vantage Live

But the Vantage Live controller is not a single figure alive: in addition to two pairs of analog RCA inputs, there is also a phono stage on board. The manufacturer emphasized its quality separately. The phono stage is compatible with MM and MC cartridges, gain and load control are provided. Another interface – RS232 – is intended for service control of the system.

Pricing for the YG Acoustics Vantage Live system has yet to be announced.

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