Sonus faber to release 50 pairs of Il Cremonese ex3me floor standing speakers with Beryllium DLC tweeters

Sonus faber Il Cremonese ex3me floor systems will be a modification of the original Il Cremonese. The acoustics received its name in honor of Stradivari violins. In 2015, she entered the Homage Collection. This time, the version of Il Cremonese ex3me in Sonus faber was included in the flagship Reference collection.

The original Il Cremonese version of ex3me inherits the mid and bass drivers. They all have the same caliber – 180 mm. The proprietary midrange diffuser is made according to the classic Sonus faber technology: it is an unpressed organic composite based on air-dried cellulose pulp.

Sonus faber

The neodymium magnet system is complemented by a precisely positioned Faraday ring to eliminate eddy currents. The voice coil with a diameter of 38 mm received an aluminum frame.

A pair of Il Cremonese ex3me woofers operate in their own volume with downward-firing Stealth Reflex bass reflexes. The diffusers are assembled from two layers of the same cellulosic composite with a layer of rigid synthetic foam in between. The die-cast aluminum basket allows good ventilation of moving parts.

Sonus faber

The bass configuration of the Il Cremonese ex3me is complemented by two rearward and sideways subsonic drivers. The solid concave face of their diffusers is made of nanocarbon fiber. The diffuser itself – three-layer, with a honeycomb layer made of Nomex synthetics – operates in a pure piston mode.

The Il Cremonese ex3me tweeter is part of the Sonus faber Extrema senior acoustics concept. This is an enhanced model of the Beryllium DLC. DLC – diamond-like carbon, which additionally strengthens the beryllium membrane, practically without increasing the weight of the moving system.

Sonus faber

As a result, the resonant frequency of the tweeter was above 35 kHz, providing, according to the company, fast, accurate, neutral and even sound. A powerful neodymium magnet and a CNC machined, one-piece aluminum Ergal back chamber also contributed.

The Il Cremonese ex3me crossover received a Paracross topology that minimizes noise and pickup. It features non-inductive resistors and air-core inductors in combination with Mundorf Evo Silver Oil and Evo Gold Oil capacitors.

Sonus faber

Il Cremonese ex3me retains the diamond-shaped diamond design of its predecessor. The absence of parallel cabinet walls prevents the formation of standing waves or internal reflections.

The body is reinforced with a pair of aluminum “damper shelves” at the top and bottom. Sonus faber also said that by using proprietary Silent Spikes coaxial elastomer-metal spikes, they were able to maximize vibration isolation of Il Cremonese ex3me housings from the floor.

Sonus faber

Worldwide, only 50 pairs will be sold, handcrafted at the Il Cremonese ex3me factory in Vicenza. Floor stands will be available in October. In the UK, they cost £48,500.

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