Whale Label Minke and Nautilus: acoustic amplifiers for smartphones

Massachusetts-based Whale Label has launched a Kickstarter project to amplify the sound of smartphones without the use of electronics. These are passive resonators, in which the sound of the built-in speaker of the smartphone is amplified by acoustic design.

In this vein, the Whale Label has created two compact models: the desktop Nautilus and the smaller Minke. The enclosures are made of wood, the resonators are made of ABC plastic inside, and the front grill of Minke is made of zinc alloy. Whale Label emphasized the environmental friendliness of new products.

Whale Label Minke and Nautilus

The intricate internal geometry of the Minke and Nautilus, created by rigorous 3D modeling techniques with rigorous test results, has increased the volume of the built-in speakers of smartphones by 15-25dB. Also, according to the Whale Label, the frequency range has also expanded, amounting to 80Hz – 8kHz.

Whale Label Minke and Nautilus

You can connect a charging cable to your smartphone installed in Minke and Nautilus. In a space with a volume of less than 500cm³, it was possible to place an acoustic resonator with a length of 70cm.

Whale Label Minke and Nautilus

The all-or-nothing project raised $862 from the $25,000 required for its successful completion one month before completion. To get the Minke model, it is proposed to deposit an amount of $50, while the Nautilus was estimated at $100. If the project is successful, delivery of finished devices is scheduled for December.

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