Spotify in the UK may rise in price

The inevitable price hike seems to be hitting Spotify’s English subscribers soon. Anyway, the service has already started a survey of customers using the Premium Individual, Duo and Family plans.

Understandably, such a change runs counter to a recent statement by Spotify lawyer Horacio Gutierrez that a price increase above the £10 mark could push users to seek alternative sources, making music “unaffordable for consumers”. Among these very sources, according to the same Gutierrez, there may be pirated content.

Recall that now in the UK, a monthly Premium Individual subscription costs £ 9.99 – on the border of that very psychological barrier. The Duo option (subscription for two) costs 13 and Family (for a family of 6) – £ 15. And this is obviously acceptable for UK residents when you consider that music with these subscriptions is available without ads and can even be listened to offline.

On the other hand, the chairman and CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, is confident that the rise in prices is a full-fledged part of the development of the service, the technologies of which, by the way, also do not stand still. As for price increases, “we raised prices in Norway two years ago, and after that in Argentina, Australia and many, many other markets,” he said.

It remains to wait for the next changes and the reaction to them of the English subscribers of Spotify, reflected in the statistical reports.

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