PSI Audio A125-M and A225-M Subwoofers: G-Class Amplifiers, 8-inch Drivers and Balanced Switching

The Swiss company PSI Audio released the A125-M and A225-M subwoofers, in which they especially noted musicality and fidelity. Both models have the same sound character to make it easier to scale the system.

PSI Audio A125-M and A225-M Subwoofers

New items are built on the basis of 8-inch drivers. The A125-M has one such speaker, while the A225-M has two. Accordingly, the dimensions of the cases differ, which can have a red, black or white coating. Both cases are complemented by slotted bass reflexes, and the speakers are protected by convex metal grills.

Both subwoofers were equipped with class G amplifiers. The 125 model has a power of 150, and the 225 has 200 watts. Accordingly, PSI Audio Sub A225-M delivers 111 dB SPL with a lower frequency limit of 24 Hz. For the single-driver A125-M these figures were 106 dB and 28 Hz, respectively.

PSI Audio A125-M and A225-M Subwoofers

Both new items accept the input signal on a pair of balanced XLR connectors, the same switching is left for the output signal – this will allow using several synchronously operating subwoofers. Signal delays in this case are minimal – PSI Audio products are 100% analog.

In the UK, PSI Audio A125-M and A225-M subwoofers cost £1,800 and £2,550 respectively.

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