Tmaudio Deca One: 100-watt speakers with a width of 10cm

Floor-standing speakers Deca One are so far the only item in the Deca collection of the young Italian company Tmaudio (there are two such collections in the company’s portfolio).

This acoustics was created by the Italian designer of audio systems Alberto Bellino (Alberto Bellino). It is designed for small rooms and, most importantly, is very compact – only 10 cm wide and 88.8 cm high. The weight of one speaker is 10 kg.

Tmaudio Deca One

It is clear that with such dimensions, the 165mm woofer with a fiberglass cone had to be placed on the side wall of the case. Therefore, the statement on the manufacturer’s website that Deca One can be installed close to two pieces of furniture is still not entirely true.

Tmaudio Deca One

On the other hand, a pair of custom broadband paper cones sits loosely on the bezel. Inch tweeter received a separate bullet-shaped body. It is fixed to the top panel of the cabinet with a “warm” natural wood surface.

Tmaudio Deca One

The level of development can be judged by the sensitivity of the Deca One – 90 dB for pink noise. With a flatness of +/- 3dB, these sophisticated speakers operate in the 60-20000 Hz range, with the recommended amplifier power in the range of 10-100 watts.

In Europe, Tmaudio Deca One loudspeakers cost 2,000 euros.

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