SynthVR: Virtual Modular Synthesizer for the Oculus Quest Helmet

The SynthVR app for the Oculus Quest helmet is designed specifically for those who want to try themselves as an operator of a large modular system.

In the virtual space of SynthVR, the user will have access to several dozen different modules, from which you can build a complex synthesizer with patches and settings that repeat the real-life modular synthesizers.


The app also has a tool for recording tracks — you can later share them with your friends. It is possible to download and listen to the works of other users.

Despite the game concept, the SynthVR app can be a good starting point for beginners in the world of modular synthesizers. At the very least, the program will provide an opportunity to understand the essence of modular systems.


The virtual modular synthesizer SynthVR is already available at a price of $25.

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