The best cheap TWS true wireless earphones under $50 – END 2019 (according to scarbir)


With over 70 true wireless earphones tested, it’s time for the big 50 dollar question. Which are the best cheap true wireless earbuds under $50?

Over the last months, I’ve spent lots and lots of time listening to all kinds of TWS (True Wireless Stereo-earphones), ranging from 10 to 150 dollars. I’ve tested them all extensively on sound quality, but also their call quality, battery life, video playback capabilities, their comfort, and build. I tested them indoor, but also outdoors while riding a bike and while walking – which turns out to be quite a challenge for some Bluetooth connections.

Now, it’s time to compare the best sounding TWS under $50, sold on both Amazon and AliExpress. These are the ultimate wireless earbuds on a budget.

Last update November 29, 2019 – updated the entire list!


  • Amazing sound quality for the money: the top 5 products in this list offer an impeccable sound quality for the amount of money you pay for them. the items listed here have a better, more balanced and cohesive sound than the Apple AirPods and many more capable sounding earphones over 100 dollars.
  • Great build quality: wearing cheap TWS doesn’t have to make you feel like a cheapskate. Other than the best earphones under 25 dollars, offerings in this price category often look and feel premium in your ears.
  • Solid battery life: the battery life of these earphones lasts a minimum of 4 hours on a single charge – with some models performing remarkably better. I’ve mentioned the excesses in the reviews. Keep in mind that all TWS come in a charging case that can recharge the earpieces a minimum of 3,5 times before needing a recharge itself.

Here are the Top 7 best cheap true wireless earbuds under $50:


The Bomaker Sifi proves how much greatness can come out of such a small package. This is the best affordable true wireless earphones you can buy in 2019.

The Bomaker Sifi is among the tiniest true wireless earbuds on the market. The charging case is lightweight and compact enough to carry in any jeans pocket. The earpieces are so small they barely stick out of your ears. They are comfortable, however, due to their smooth shape on the inside.

On top of that, the earpieces offer around 6 hours of playtime on a single charge and the shower-resistant IPX 7 waterproof rating. The charging case can further recharge them five times before needing a recharge itself. Furthermore, watching videos on both iPhone and Android, goes without noticeable delay. The Bomaker Sifi is a perfect set for everyday use, with the exception of phone calls – which sound distant.

The best thing about the Bomaker Sifi, however, is the sound quality. Instruments like guitars, pianos, violins and cymbals, brim with life. Vocals, too, sound very clear. In higher quality recordings, it’s entirely possible to hear details as grasps and breaths, just like you can hear the string-pulling of guitars. The bass has a sweet thump and knows how to rumble too. The highs are never too sharp; the bass is never overbearing. Music sounds full, yet detailed.

Whichever genre you’re throwing at it, the Bomaker Sifi convinces with clarity, dynamics, and detail. It’s a little gem at just $50.

2. QCY T5

The QCY T5 is the most complete, functional truly wireless earbuds under $50 – including excellent call quality.

The QCY T5 has earpieces with an Apple AirPods-like stem. They do have ear tips that go entirely in your ears, yes – but the T5 is still very comfortable to wear more extended amounts of time. The battery is empty after around 4,5 hours; then the earpieces need a recharge from the case that can recharge them four times.

The T5 pairs immediately when you take the earpieces out of the case, and it’s a breeze to swap between one and two earpieces to listen to. They also offer excellent call quality, both inside and outside.

Furthermore, watching videos with them goes without delay. In fact, due to their special Gaming Mode (activated by three taps on the right earpiece), even the sounds in action-packed games synchronizes well – it’s entirely possible to play Fortnite without problems on these. A unique feature, rarely seen on wireless earphones.

Last but not least, the T5 has an impressive sound quality with a warm, friendly character. Vocals and mids sound clear and lively. The bass may not be very heavy, but it does have a lovely thump to support the music. You can listen to these for hours on end.

The QCY T5 is a perfect companion for day-to-day use. It’s the most complete, functional truly wireless earphone in this list.

3. MPOW T5/ M5

Mpow, one of the hottest selling Chinese manufacturers of audio products on Amazon, also has a great offering for under 50 dollars. The Mpow T5 (also sold as Mpow M5) has a versatile, detailed and engaging sound.

The bass and the lower mids are downright sweet on the Mpow T5. The sub-bass knows how to give a good rumble and the mid-bass delivers an addictive thump, without overpowering any of the other frequencies – and only when the music calls for it. The lower mids (like bass guitars, drums, and darker electronic tones) sound textured and impactful. Still, it can get a little bit muddy in the lowest tones, comparing to the Bomaker Sifi.

Mids and highs sound clear on the Mpow T5, without being blown up. Vocals have a forward position within the big soundstage the T5 provides. Music comes from closeby and further away, with details coming from everywhere.

Other aspects of the Mpow T5 are solid too. The earpieces offer around 5,5 hours on a single charge and can be recharged six times fully via the charging case. The charging case and earpieces aren’t as comfortable as on the Bomaker Sifi, but this is still a great package.

The Mpow T5/ M5 delivers an engaging, all-round great sound.

4. SSK BT03

The SSK BT03 is another sub-50-dollars wireless earphone that sounds fantastic. If you like the design, there’s no stopping you for choosing for these winners.

First things first: this SSK BT03 has a fun UFO-like charging case you slide open to get the earpieces out. It is white and orange, though – and looks a bit toyish. The earpieces provide 4 hours of playtime per charge and can be recharged five times via the case. Comfort is good too, due to the small shape of the earpieces. Both the comfort and battery life aren’t as good as on the Bomaker Sifi – but still above average.

Both male and female vocals sound very clear and lively on the BT03. Not to mention acoustic instruments such as drums piano’s, violins, and guitars. Whether you’re listening to classical pieces or pop songs: instruments and vocals enjoy a great deal more attention than on most truly wireless earphones in this price range. Next to it, the bass is capable of delivering a fierce thump and slam. The sub-bass knows how to give a lovely rumble too.

The sound of the SSK BT03 is somewhat comparable to the Bomaker Sifi. The BT03 has more elevated highs, the Sifi sounds a tad warmer due to more emphasis on the lower-mids (such as drums and bass-guitars). Both are simply excellent.

The SSK BT03 is one of the very best sounding TWS true wireless earphones under 50 dollars. It’s a great alternative to the Bomaker Sifi – although the Sifi scores even better on battery life, comfort, and audio-video synchronization.


The Tronsmart Spunky Beat is not only the best TWS truly wireless earbud under $25; it’s also one of the best offers under $50.

The Tronsmart Spunky Beat has compact earpieces that disappear almost entirely in your ears. It only requires a slight touch to play or pause songs, change the volume (on the newer model) or skip a song. There are no actual buttons on the earpieces, so you don’t have to press these earbuds deeper into your ears. With the comfort and battery life provided, you can let them play for 7 hours (!) on medium-low volume – an excellent score, considering these cost only $25.

It’s also pretty feature-packed. The charging case has a built-in cable so you can instantly connect it to USB-plugs; the earpieces are IPX5 waterproof (rain and sweat resistant), and watching videos goes without noticeable delay, even on the always challenging YouTube-app on iPhone.

The best part is the sound quality. The Spunky Beat has a truly engaging bass, with a steady slam and sub-bass that knows how to rumble. Darker tones such as drums, guitars and male vocals, sound full and lively. On top of it, the upper-mids are very clear, with female vocals and higher-pitched male singers taking a prominent role in each song. Violins and guitars are awarded room to shine, and cymbals are kept in tone. The soundstage is pleasantly wide, and instrument separation and placement are good too.

For half the price, the Tronsmart Spunky Beat is one of the best truly wireless earphones under $50. Equiped with good specs and great sound quality, this is a solid offering.

6. MPOW M7

If you love the sound of Beats, Sony Xtra Bass, or JBL headphones, the Mpow M7 is probably the best wireless earphones to go for under $50. It combines heavy bass with a smooth, warm sound.

The bass is where it’s at on the Mpow M7 TWS. It delivers a hard thump that stretches in length, making sure bass tones last long and fill up the music. With deeper strikes, the bass can resonate in your ears – and with more bass-heavy songs, the vibrating bass can just take over the music.

While the SSK and Tronsmart also offer massive bass strikes, this Mpow may be the best bass lovers choice. The M7 TWS rapidly kills off all the higher sounds in songs. The M7 sound doesn’t even come close to sounding bright or sharp. From vocals to instruments: everything is tuned towards warmth and smoothness. Happily, there remains quite a bit of detail in the lower frequencies, and the soundstage is pretty solid – the music feels around you, instead of being directly next to your ears.

While the Mpow M7 has bigger-than-regular earpieces, the comfort is nice, and the fit is steady. As the earpieces still stick a bit out of your ears, it’s great they offer IPX7 waterproof rating and thus are rain, sweat, and even shower resistant. The battery life is excellent too: you’ll be sure to enjoy 6 hours of pure bassy enjoyment per charge.


If the bass can’t be too big for you, the Tranya T3 comes into view. The bass takes the leading role on these beasts that play and pump you up, 5 hours per charge.

No beating around the bush here: it’s the bass that counts on the Tranya T3. It thumps, kicks and rumbles deep, making these earphones great companions for modern music genres like pop, dance and electronic pieces.

That’s not all there is to these earphones, however. The music has a big soundstage too. Music is everywhere, with drums, basses, guitars, and vocals coming from all around you. It works wonders for live recorded sessions or classical pieces, where instruments will surround you. You’ll be able to place them precisely. Prepare for some awe-struck moments.

The Tranya T3 has a V-shape signature, meaning the lower frequencies like the bass and the highs are accentuated. As a result, the mids in between, which represent for example male vocals, guitars and piano strokes, can be pushed back by the bass a bit. Other earphones in this list sound more balanced as a result.

However, if you can fit the relatively large earpieces of the T3 in your ears and you love a big bass, treat yourself to the Tranya T3.

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