The world’s first acoustic nanotube membranes are produced by a Russian company

Graphene nanotubes today find their application not only in high technology, but also in home audio systems. Thanks to the development of the “KB-GROUP” Research and Production Center for Innovation, today music connoisseurs can enjoy the sound of speakers with membranes made of nanotubes. Until recently, this sound quality was only available in professional music studios.

Graphene nanotubes possess unique properties, which makes them the only universal additive capable of improving the properties of many materials. The technology offered by OCSiAl for the mass production of graphene nanotubes under the TUBALL™ brand gave the specialists of “KB-GROUP” the opportunity for the first time in the world to manufacture membranes for acoustic speakers entirely from nanotubes. Some manufacturers of leading acoustic brands add small amounts of nanotubes to traditional membrane materials, but the development of Russian scientists was a real breakthrough.

Work in this direction began in the spring of 2018. As a result, unique membranes for tweeters were created from graphene nanotubes with a diameter of 25 mm and a weight of only 0.025 grams, which is 4-6 times lighter than analogs made from other materials. The sound of the innovative membranes naturally surpasses the sound of traditional membranes made of metals, composites and the best examples of paper tweeters. Also, specialists from “KB-GROUP” have developed unique composite diffusers for low-frequency and mid-range speakers from graphene nanotubes.

“Based on these speakers, we have created a line of two-way speaker systems. We have a unique version for the market with cases made entirely of marble. We also produce systems in two buildings, nested one into the other using the Matryoshka technology”, – said Igor Kuleshov, General Director of “KB-Group”. “It’s important that in our innovative speaker system, both speakers are made of the same material – TUBALL ™ graphene nanotubes. As a result, both speakers, operating in different ranges, are similar in sound, timbre balance and damping, which is extremely difficult for other loudspeaker manufacturers to achieve”.

Speaker systems with nanotube speakers are already available for sale in Russia today, with good prospects for entering the world market. This is another of the many applications for TUBALL ™ nanotubes, including asphalt, lithium-ion batteries, tires, composite car bodies, electrochemical power supplies, concrete, paints, adhesives, semiconductors, aluminum and plastics.

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