Tmaudio speakers from the Naked collection

One of the two collections of the newly announced Italian acoustic company Tmaudio has become Naked: its name hints at an extremely clean and functional design. In total, this collection includes 3 models designed by the Italian audio system designer Alberto Bellino.

All three models received the same sets of front-facing speakers: a 25-mm titanium tweeter and a mid-low-frequency speaker with a 180-mm polypropylene diffuser. They are also united by an unusual acoustic design, which Tmaudio calls a multi-port phase inverter. Externally, it is a series of holes on the front panel of the speakers. Naked cabinets are made using the proprietary ClevCab technology from multi-layered wood of different densities.

Tmaudio speakers Naked collection

Two of them are the shelf — mounted JEM56 LaPurista and its floor-mounted version, the JEM66 LaPurista. Their cases are very similar, with the sensitivity of the floor version of the LaPurista-87 dB, one higher than that of the shelves, and the input power-150 W, 30 W more. Both systems received crossovers with a non-condensing circuit and provide for a band-by-band connection.

The third model of the Naked collection, the JEM56 Turbo, does not differ from the JEM56 LaPurista in the geometry of the body and the set of front speakers. The difference is that the JEM56 Turbo is equipped with a switchable rear radiator Energy filler with a metal diffuser with a diameter of 40 mm.

Tmaudio speakers Naked collection

Accordingly, the crossover circuit is also different, supplemented, as with the LaPurista models, with a grounded copper plate. As a result, the JEM56 Turbo’s impedance has reached 8 ohms (for other Naked models, it is 6 ohms). Externally, the JEM56 Turbo stands out with a wood finish, while the LaPurista cabinets have received a “fiber” finish. Both Naked shelves can be installed on branded racks.

In Europe, the prices of Tmaudio speakers from the Naked collection are as follows: JEM66 LaPurista — 4,200 euros, JEM56 LaPurista — 3,000 euros and JEM56 Turbo-2,500 euros.

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