Totaldac announces d100 floorstanding speakers with realistic sound and 12” woofers

The French company Totaldac aimed to achieve “the most realistic music reproduction” in the d100 floor standing speakers, creating speakers that are easy to match with the room’s acoustics and won’t be fabulously expensive.

As stated, due to its high sensitivity – 98 dB with an average impedance of 8 ohms – the acoustics will provide good control over the sound at all frequencies, with rich bass, due to which it will suit a variety of genres. A fast sound, as described, will create a sense of presence.

These are relatively compact floor stands: with dimensions of 320×1 180×470 mm, they weigh 38 kg. Grills for them must be ordered separately – they are not included in the package. The system is built on a 2.5-way scheme: of the two 12-inch woofers, the upper one also plays out the mid frequencies, the top is answered by a tweeter with a non-metallic dome in the horn. Acoustics plays from 35 Hz to 20 kHz.

In Europe, Totaldac d100 speakers will cost 13,900 euros.

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