Trenner&Friedl Pharoah: titanium tweeter and 10-inch bass in a two-chamber case

Trenner & Friedl presented the Pharoah acoustics, updated 10 years after the release of the first samples. Despite the Austrian registration of the company, all the names of the Trenner & Friedl speakers are of ancient Egyptian origin. We have already talked, for example, about their older Isis floorboards, named after the goddess Isis.

The updated Pharoahs have been given a slight backward tilt – perhaps in order to more accurately target the listener. Their “almost point” coaxial emitter is located in the upper part of the housing less than a meter high. In the center of the 10 “woofer, whose cellulose cone is impregnated with Italian violin lacquer, is a 1” compression titanium tweeter.

Trenner&Friedl Pharoah

Trenner & Friedl highlighted their good consistency, complemented by a crossover with carefully selected components from Mundorf. Internal cable lengths from Cardas are relative to the golden ratio. Speaker cable terminals are also made by Cardas. With a lower frequency limit of 35 Hz with a flatness of -3 dB, for the new Pharoah, a sensitivity of 94 dB is declared.

Pharoah’s two-chamber (for suppressing standing waves) bass reflex enclosure is made of variable density birch plywood. Inside, it is complemented by reinforcing elements. The utmost simplicity and rectangularity of the cabinet is complemented by hand-picked walnut veneer under multi-layer varnish. Alternative finishes are proposed to be discussed with Trenner & Friedl.

Prices for new Pharoahs are also available upon request.