TrueLife Audio launches SSA-300 hybrid tube solid state amplifier

Greek company TrueLife Audio (T.L.A.) has expanded its Supreme series with the SSA-300 hybrid monoblock. According to the developers, the “highlight” of this model can be considered problem-free work with complex loads.

Sometimes acoustics with a declared impedance of 4 ohms at certain frequencies show less impedance up to 2 ohms – and the amplifier simply goes out of normal mode. According to TrueLife Audio, there will be no such problems with the new product.

TrueLife Audio SSA-300

The input stage of the SSA-300 is pure tube. It operates on a 6J5 vacuum triode in class A. The power supply is appropriate – from an EZ81 tube rectifier using a proprietary power transformer and a filter choke.

Output stages SSA-300 also work in the A-class, but are built on semiconductor elements. The manufacturer drew attention to the careful selection of quality parts – and all of them are tested before assembly. The power amplifier circuit is also powered by a hand-wound TrueLife Audio transformer.

TrueLife Audio SSA-300

TrueLife Audio SSA-300 delivers 150 watts of power into 8 ohm speakers or 300 watts into 4 ohms. The device weighing 36 kg received two finishes: silver and black. The cost of the TrueLife Audio SSA-300 amplifier has not yet been announced.

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