Ultrasone offers PRO480i and PRO580i headphones with Antlion Audio’s ModMic microphones

The German company Ultrasone AG has supplemented the Ultrasone PRO480i and Ultrasone PRO580i headphones with the microphones of the American company Antlion Audio. As stated, such headsets are well suited for remote work – such models have become more in demand in a pandemic.

We are talking about ModMic microphones: this is a Uni model with analog cable connection, ModMic USB and ModMic Wireless, equipped with Qualcomm electronics with support for aptX. The ModMic also features a switchable pick-up pattern between circular and cardioid.

Ultrasone PRO480i and PRO580i

Closed headphones Ultrasone PRO480i and PRO580i, according to the S-Logic Plus technology, received an asymmetric arrangement of speakers with mylar membranes. The PRO580i drivers are additionally equipped with NdFeB magnetic systems. Both earbuds are equipped with Ultra Low Emission (ULE) shielding.

The Ultrasone PRO480i and PRO580i headphones can also be paired with Antlion Audio ModMic microphones purchased separately. The Uni has a suggested European retail price of €60, the ModMic USB is €90 and the ModMic Wireless is €135.

Ultrasone PRO480i and PRO580i

Separately, Ultrasone PRO580i headphones cost 160 euros on the manufacturer’s website, and a bundle of PRO480i and Modmic USB is sold at a discount and instead of 208 euro will cost 140 euro.