URC Unveils High Definition Audio Line of Installation Multizone Amplifiers

Home and commercial control systems company URC has launched a line of High Definition Audio (HDA) music multi-room products. According to the idea of ​​the company, the new HDA-components will well complement the already produced installation speakers.

The manufacturer said that now its catalog has everything to create a full-fledged multi-zone audio system. The HDA lineup today offers multi-zone amplifiers HDA-8100 and HDA-4100, a specialized HDA-1600 amplifier of the Low Z / 70 V type, an HDA-130 amplifier for one zone, an HDA-SW5 network switch and an HDA-IO adapter / receiver.

URC High Definition Audio

Based on the new HDA devices, it is possible to organize a project into 32 zones. The amplifiers support quality up to 24 bit / 96 Hz. Maximum power per channel in mono mode is 1200 watts. The top HDA-8100 is designed for 16 zones in mono or eight zones in stereo.

All devices are compatible with the Total Control 2.0 automation platform. URC CEO Chang Park noted that his company is committed to creating audio components that “will not inferior in sound quality to hi-fi systems and concert equipment”.

The cost of new products was not reported.

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