Violectric PPA V790 photo stage with unprecedented features

Violectric introduced the PPA V790 phono stage. The developers assure that Violectric PPA V790 offers unprecedented features, wide control possibilities and low noise level, while the switching arsenal of three balanced and three unbalanced inputs provides unique possibilities of connection and centralized control.

Violectric PPA V790

Thanks to the optimization of the signal path and the use of cascading bipolar transistors, the new product provides maximum bandwidth, extremely low noise, minimal distortion and impressive dynamics. Three correction profiles provide extensive fine-tuning capabilities, and the infrasound filter eliminates unwanted low frequencies.

Violectric PPA V790


  • 3 balanced stereo phono inputs via XLR
  • 3 unbalanced stereo phono inputs via Cinch
  • 7 switchable impedances from 10-1000 ohms (for MC systems)
  • 8 switchable capacitances from 22-1000 pF (for MM systems)
  • 7 amplifier levels from 30-66 dB
  • Clip display for visualization of faulty operation
  • 3 RIAA, NAB, Columbia-LP
  • switchable subsonic filter 20 Hz
  • 3 x Boost circuit to adapt to the following devices
  • The storage of all individual parameters is self-evident!
  • Price: 3,999.00EUR

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