Vertere Challenger: Upgraded Power for the Vertere DG-1 Turntable

British company Vertere Acoustics has delighted owners of the DG-1 turntable and other models with a Tempo Motor Drive with the release of the Challenger DC power supply. It delivers the 30V required for these models with amperage up to 2.17A. According to Vertere, the “exemplary stability” of the device is the result of a long process of development and testing.

Vertere Challenger

The Vertere Challenger can be purchased as standard version, in this case it comes with a standard power cable. In the Challenger Redline Package version, the novelty is equipped with a proprietary Redline network cable, the red plug of which can fit, at the buyer’s option, to outlets from the UK, Europe, USA, Switzerland or Australia.

The Vertere Challenger power module standard version costs £350 in the UK.

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