LinearFlux Hypersonic 360: TWS earphones with external battery

The American manufacturer of mobile accessories LinearFlux has released a weighty set of TWS-headphones Hypersonic 360. However, the headphones are still not the main thing here, the main thing is the number 360. This is the number of hours of battery life of the set, with which you can move away from power sources and listen to music for two weeks almost no sleep or rest.

The LinearFlux Hypersonic 360 also works as an advanced power bank – in a case the size of a modern smartphone, there is a 29Wh battery. The system is fully compatible with MagSafe iPhone Chargers and Qi Wireless Chargers. HyperSonic 360 can charge a smartphone from 0 to 50% in just 25 minutes.

LinearFlux Hypersonic 360

Another feature of the novelty is its magnetic design. With it, the Hypersonic 360 “glues” to the smartphone into a single whole. The charging cable of the Hypersonic 360 itself is a HyperMag design, also with magnetic fixation.

Hypersonic 360 headphones are IPX6 sweat and water resistant (you can even submerge them in water) and are able to create an immersive sound. This property of the new product was provided by the Hyper Definition Spatial Engine, once again justifying the figure 360.

LinearFlux Hypersonic 360

Enhanced Bluetooth LinearFlux 360 technology is designed to eliminate audio rips. The built-in microphones of the headphone beamforming algorithms help improve voice intelligibility in telephone conversations. Headphone control, including calling Siri, Google and Alexa, is implemented by sensors on their outer surface.

In the US, LinearFlux Hypersonic 360 earphones will cost $140.

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