Wavecor has expanded its catalog with six new speakers

Acoustic OEM Wavecor has expanded its range of woofers, tweeters and full-range speakers.

New products include TW022WA07 / 09 and TW022WA08 / 10 tweeters. The models differ in impedance (4 and 8 Ohm) and versions – with and without a waveguide flange. They received classic silk domes with a diameter of 22 mm. The new products have documented higher power and lower resonant frequency.

As stated, these parameters were obtained by reducing the moving mass – for this, a copper-plated aluminum wire was used in the voice coil. In addition, the design of the new products provides for a vented housing and a short-circuited copper foil ring on the pole piece.

Wavecor TW022WA07-09  TW022WA08-10

70-mm broadband FR070WA05 with an impedance of 4 Ohm, according to the manufacturer, fulfills an extended low frequency range. Wavecor said its lower-frequency resonance will create near-real bass in a very small cabinet. Permissible frequency range of the novelty: from 100 Hz to 20 kHz.

The model inherited the proprietary FR070 driver, but in it the voice coil diameter was increased to 26 mm. The linear travel of the black aluminum diffuser has also been extended. Its color and material were also chosen for improved heat dissipation. The design is complemented by a double neodymium magnet – while the FR070WA05 frame is made of rigid polymer.

Wavecor TW022WA07-09  TW022WA08-10

The low frequency drivers WF275BD01 (4 ohms) and WF275BD02 (8 ohms) received a 10.75-inch cellulose composite cone. It is equipped with a wide soft half-wave suspension and is housed in a die-cast aluminum basket with good ventilation.

Wavecor said that the WF275BD01 / 02 drivers are suitable even for two-way acoustics (in particular, monitor) – for example, in combination with the company’s 30-mm tweeters. Models WF275BD01 / 02 are made in the corporate ideology of Balanced Drive. They also have a Faraday ring. It complements the design of a 39mm voice coil wound on a fiberglass frame.

Wavecor TW022WA07-09  TW022WA08-10

Three new Wavecor speaker models feature gold-plated binding posts. All of them are already in stock and ready for sale – however prices have not yet been announced.