Ametek Introduces SurgeX UPS + Isolation Transformer Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Ametek Electronic Systems Protection (ESP), an electronic protection and backup power company, has introduced three UPS + Isolation Transformer models under its SurgeX sub-brand, which include a maintenance-free backup battery and a power conditioner. These are the SurgeX UPS-1440-Li-ISO, UPS-2200-Li-ISO and UPS-3000-Li-ISO models. Their power ranges from 1,440 VA to 2,760 VA (the approximate power value is “hardcoded” in the digital index of the model).

The devices are based on line-interactive technology, providing a minimum response time to shutdown – 4 ms. With an output power factor of 0.9, according to the developers, they produce a “true sine wave” at the output. The built-in battery of the UPS is hot-swappable. “The SurgeX product line is comprehensive. Regardless of a customer’s electricity needs, we have the right solution, ”said Lauren Simmen, director of marketing for SurgeX. “Being under the AMETEK umbrella means we can share knowledge, resources and technology with other AMETEK brands, and UPS + Isolation Transformers are the perfect embodiment of this union”.

The isolation transformer in the unit is designed to eliminate neutral-to-earth voltage. The device can be mounted directly in the rack of the equipment it serves. In addition, UPSs are said to remove the effects of high frequency electrical noise in the AC power supply, delivering clean, fully conditioned power without harmonics and noise. This improves the performance of the connected audio and video equipment.

The virtually silent UPS is suitable for home theaters, audio systems and other sound setups, according to the developers. The system is equipped with SNMP communication, user-friendly graphical interface and diagnostics, and automatic battery testing is provided. It is assumed that the SurgeX UPS-1440-Li-ISO, UPS-2200-Li-ISO and UPS-3000-Li-ISO models will be presented at the virtual exhibition CEDIA Expo 2020, where information on the cost of new products will also appear.

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