Angus Young explains the unchanged AC/DC sound

You will not please the fans: if after the release of an album you release the next one in the same style, then you are accused of self-copying, and if you release it in a different style, they say that you have written out, succumbed to trends, sold out and so on. However, the group AC/DC does not pay attention to these fan comments and does not change the sound for almost half a century.

Angus Young explained that the group chose this strategy at an early stage of its existence – they will play what they “can do best”. “My brother, when he heard someone say, “All your albums sound the same”, he said, “Well, yes, it’s the same band”, Angus said. – “ We didn’t reinvent the wheel when we started playing. We played rock ‘n’ roll – what we can do best. This is expected of us”.

Angus Young explains the unchanged AC/DC sound

According to Angus, the new album – “Power Up” – is dedicated to his brother, Malcolm. “Most of the songs on the album are those about which he said: “No, well, we need to finish them”. He always wanted these tracks to come out, added Young. The album “Power Up” was released on November 13th.

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