Ascendo CCRM15 satellites: beryllium or titanium tweeters in passive and active versions

The German firm Ascendo Immersive Audio (AIA) has unveiled the CCRM15 home theater satellite speaker. The novelty is suitable for use in powerful sets as rear and front satellites or surrounds, and even – for especially powerful setups – as sources of the “upper” sound field.

CCRM15 is a two-way bass reflex coaxial based on the CCRM12-MKII model released in 2014. The design is based on a 15 “2-way point source, that is, a 1.4” compression driver located on the axis at the focal point of the 15 “woofer.

All of this together is capable of delivering a peak 131 dB SPL, operating from the 50 Hz lower limit – just what you need for a real home theater. Especially when the CCRM15 is supplemented with AIA-recommended SMS Reference subwoofers.

There are actually four AIA CCRM15 speaker options: CCRM15-P (passive with titanium tweeter), CCRM15-P Berillium (passive with beryllium tweeter), CCRM15 (active with titanium tweeter) and CCRM15 Berillium (active with beryllium tweeter).

Ascendo CCRM15

In the active version, the systems are equipped with time synchronization and AIA loudspeaker control technology. The power of the built-in amplifiers was 1,500 W + 400 W. We add that, according to AIA, “The CCRM15 Beryllium is an extremely impressive and extremely powerful music speaker system.”

Both speakers (both titanium and beryllium) in active versions are powered by digital amplifiers controlled by DSP. This made it possible to fine tune the phase and other characteristics. Optionally, the system can be supplemented with a 3-port Fast Ethernet switch that is compatible with AVB and supports streaming AVB IEEE 802.1. The settings include manual room correction, delay, crossover, volume control, gain and input sensitivity.

One speaker weighs 35 kg – the manufacturer has provided three wall brackets for its horizontal and vertical installation, and even the ability to mount VESA 200. CCRM15 are available in a standard black design, but upon request you can get a 12-layer piano lacquer, glossy or matte – to choose from. AIA even mentioned customizing the form of the offices.

In the UK, the AIA CCRM15-P will cost £6,525, the CCRM15-P Berillium £7,580, the CCRM15 £7,830 and the CCRM15 Berillium £9,100.

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