Austrian Audio Hi-X65 open headphones: the strongest magnetic field in its class

Austrian Audio, which has brought together several former AKG employees, has unveiled its first open-back on-ear headphones. The novelty received the designation Hi-X65, and the Hi-X combination in this case stands for High Excursion, implying the use of drivers with a long travel system.

These drivers are 44mm drivers, whose ring magnets, according to Austrian Audio, provided “the strongest magnetic field in its class”. In addition, the shape of the entire structural unit provides for improved aerodynamics.

Austrian Audio Hi-X65

To facilitate the moving system, the voice coil is wound with copper-bonded aluminum wire. The result is a sensitivity of 110 dB. The novelty with an impedance of about 25 ohms fulfills the sound range from 5 Hz to 28 kHz.

Austrian Audio markets the Hi-X65 as a headphone for both home and professional use. For long sessions like the pros, oversized memory foam ear cushions and a padded headband provide comfort.

Austrian Audio Hi-X65

The weight of the novelty is also small – 310 g. The set with the Hi-X65 comes with audio cables 3 and 1.2m long, an adapter and a wardrobe trunk for storage and carrying.

In the UK, the Austrian Audio Hi-X65 headphones will cost £319.

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