Cabasse Santorin 25 subwoofer with a circular orientation will complement the iO3 cinema system

According to French audio engineers from Cabasse, the Santorin 25 subwoofer is ready to sound a room with an area of up to 50 sq. m. Naturally, in this case, it should be supplemented with a set of home theater acoustics — for this, Cabasse offered its own iO3 system. The design of the novelty repeats the family features of the Santorin models. The main principle is the propagation of sound at 360° by a 25-cm downward-pointing speaker.

The Santorin 25 has a 25S20 driver with a cellulose fiber composite diffuser. The design of the mobile system withstands the peak 400 W from the TS190 D amplifier without deformations and other problems. The rated power of the new product is 200 watts.

The subwoofer operates from the lower limit frequency of 30 Hz, producing a peak of 111 dB of volume. The crossover can be configured in the range of 40-180 Hz, and the input signal of the Santorin 25 is received on an unbalanced RCA connector. The subwoofer weighs 17 kg and is available in a black or white matte finish.

The approximate price of the Cabasse Santorin 25 subwoofer in Europe is 950 euros.

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