Copland CSA-150 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier: Dual Triode and 145W Output MOS-FET per Channel

Integrated amplifier Copland CSA-150 can be considered a direct successor of the 100th model. Outwardly, they could be called twins, if not for the slightly increased height of the CSA-150 body. The maximum power of the novelty has grown in approximately the same proportion – 145 W in the channel instead of 100 W.

Otherwise Copland CSA-150 can be called a logical development of its predecessor. On board – the same dual triode, harmoniously complemented by powerful MOS-FETs in the output stage. The CSA 150 includes a quad 32-bit DAC based on the Saber ES9018 Reference from ESS Technology. The novelty works with PCM and DSD.

Copland CSA-150 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Digital inputs on the 150 include coaxial S/PDIF, two optical Toslinks, and one USB. To this can be added Bluetooth with aptX.

Copland CSA-150 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Analogue inputs, balanced XLR and three unbalanced RCA inputs are complemented by Pre / Out insertion – also on RCA connectors. Analog switching, like its predecessor, also includes an onboard phono stage for moving magnet cartridges. The front panel of the CSA 150 houses a 6.35mm headphone amplifier jack.

Copland CSA-150 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

In Denmark, the Copland CSA-150 integral will cost 40,000 kroons (about 6,500 US dollars).

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