Kaiser Acoustics has released Kawero! Grande – top floor-standing speakers with two ribbon tweeters and two-piece body

Flagship floor stands of the German company Kaiser Acoustics Kawero! Grande are made in a two-body configuration. At first glance, this doesn’t make much sense, since the complex surface of the base will not allow the Kawero! Grande top to fit is somehow different than the bottom.

However, the fact is that the weight of one column is 235 kg with a “height” of 180 cm. So the configuration, at least, solves the problems of logistics. In a non-collapsible version, to install this acoustics, at least four loaders would be needed, and so there is a hope of getting along with only two.

Kaiser Acoustics Kawero! Grande

The bottom of each speaker can be thought of as a subwoofer, whose rear woofer features a 15 “sandwich cone with a 4” voice coil. Another driver, which works out “upper bass”, received a similar 12 “cone and 3” coil.

Both woofers are custom products from the Danish company AudioTechnology. Both work in a “closed box” design, that is, with a loss in recoil compared to the same bass reflex, German audio engineers tried to provide faster bass.

Kaiser Acoustics Kawero! Grande

At the top of the speaker is an 8-inch Scan Speak Ellipticor elliptical midrange with paper cone. A pair of custom-made RAAL 70-20 XR ribbon tweeters with amorphous core and special silver wire from the Japanese company Audionote Kondo in the primary winding are responsible for the high frequencies. The two tweeters are united by a complex common waveguide – according to Kaiser Acoustics, this creates “unusual radiation”.

The sound of this 4-way system is brought together by a time and phase optimized crossover. The solid weight of the Kawero! Grande cabinets is due to the sandwich structure of their walls made of wood and rubber. According to the manufacturer, this provided the same rigidity as aluminum, but with much better damping.

Kaiser Acoustics Kawero! Grande

A pyramidal structure without parallel planes is said to prevent internal standing waves from arising. The design is complemented by Stillpoint “Ultra 5” stainless steel legs.

The cost of the Kaiser Acoustics Kawero! Grande kit is not known yet.

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