Vertere Tempo: microprocessor-based power management system for branded vinyl record players

The Vertere Tempo turntable motor control system is based on the premium turntable RG-1 Reference technology. A similar device already works in Vertere DG-1 turntables. The developers are confident that the advantages of Tempo will be appreciated by owners of the SG-1 and RG-1, and then the MG-1.

Tempo processor generates a sinusoidal signal that is converted by the built-in DAC. The signal is then amplified by a pair of bridge amplifiers to power the motor.

The 7-pin connector on the back of the Tempo is used for power transmission. It connects Pulse-R cables and a separate power cable for the D-Fi LEDs. A single button on the front panel allows you to turn on the machine and select the desired rotation speed: 33 1/3 or 45 rpm.

According to the Vertere Acoustics, Vertere Tempo is assembled from selected components on a gold-plated printed circuit board. Parts of the circuit receive separate power from four sources – a separate line is provided even for LED indication.

In addition, all Tempo circuitry is double shielded. The inner shield is made of copper and surrounds the digital part of the circuit. External – stainless steel.

In Europe, a Vertere Tempo engine power module will cost 3,600 euros.

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