Scientists have tried to convey the worldview of the spider through the music created on the basis of the web

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have generated an unusual melody based on an ordinary spider web. More precisely, the structure of the web and the vibrations of the threads became the basis.

According to scientists, spiders have poor vision and use “vibrations at different frequencies” to communicate with the outside world. A spider is especially good at picking up vibrations when it sits on a web. Basically, the web is an extension of the spider’s body. Through the threads of its trapping web, the spider senses the approach of danger, prey, and other spiders.

A person can not fully understand exactly how a spider feels on a web, but you can get an idea of the signals-vibrations through music. At least, so decided Dr. Markus Buehler, who led the study.

Buehler’s team used laser imaging to create a 3D model of the web. Depending on the thickness and elasticity, each thread received its own sound frequency, which was converted into a regular sound signal. All sounds were brought together and linked to the visual model of the web. As a result, the researchers presented an audiovisual model that allows you to hear and see the vibrations of the cobweb.

Buhler noted that he and his colleagues were able to “very accurately convey the attitude of the spider”.

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