Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless in-ear headphones with a neck rim and three emitters

In the line of Aurvana headphones from Creative, the company has released the Trio Wireless in-ear headphones. The word “Trio” in the name indicates the number of emitters: in each channel there are three of them — two armature ones are responsible for medium and high frequencies, and dynamic ones with a biocellulose diaphragm sound low.

According to the press release, Trio Wireless sources are connected via Bluetooth 5.0 and support the aptX HD, aptX LL and AAC codecs. There is also a function for connecting to multiple sources at the same time — for example, you can listen to music from your laptop and instantly switch to your smartphone when you call.

A lot of attention was paid to comfort in the design: the silicone neck rim ergonomically wraps around the neck and does not cause inconvenience during long-term wear, and there are magnets on the cases of headphones that can be connected to each other if they are not used. One charge of the Trio Wireless battery is enough for 20 hours of operation.

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