DALI Oberon 9: three bands, 7-inch midrange and powerful bass

DALI is actively developing the budget line of Oberon – active versions of acoustics have recently appeared, and now the senior passive floor-standing system Oberon 9 has been officially announced.

According to DALI, the entire Oberon line is designed with an eye to making audiophile-grade technology affordable. Unlike the Oberon 7, the previous flagship of the line, the Oberon 9 received another speaker above the tweeter – a 7-inch midrange.

DALI Oberon 9

The result is a three-way system: two 9-inch speakers, located under a 29-mm soft dome tweeter, play out extremely low-frequency range. According to the developers, this has resulted in a “powerful” sound, usually achievable in this price range only with a subwoofer, but at the same time the acoustics remained quite compact in size. The novelty plays in the range from 35 Hz to 26 kHz, the sensitivity of the model was 90.5 dB.

Otherwise, Oberon 9 is a classic representative of the series: drivers with diaphragms made of a proprietary wood-fiber mixture are made using a soft magnetic compound SMC, the tweeter is recessed into a small waveguide, small cases stand on a wide metal base, the acoustic design is bass reflex, with ports opposite each emitter. There are only two terminals for connecting to the amplifier.

DALI Oberon 9

With dimensions of 260x1172x406 mm, the acoustics weighs 37.1 kg. At launch, Oberon 9 will only be available in two colors: Ash Black and Walnut. The cost of the model in Europe will be 800 euros.