Phono stage Gold Note PH-1000: three separate circuits in dual mono and more than 40 correction curves

Gold Note introduced the PH-1000 phono stage. It operates in class A and can be supplemented with circuitry and pre-amplifier functions. The PH-1000 has three independent inputs (two RCA and XLR – essentially three separate phono stages).

The previous flagship from the Italians – PH-10 – supported six equalizer curves. The PH-1000 has over forty. Among them: RIAA, Capitol, Columbia / CBS, Deutsche Grammophon, Decca London USA, Decca London UK and Decca Mono 78rpm. The company said that each curve is matched with Gold Note technology, designed to match the specifications of the Neumann Cutting Lathe recorder.

Gold Note PH-1000

According to Gold Note, the phono stage is built in a dual mono topology on selected audiophile discrete elements. It is complemented by a headphone amplifier, also working in class A. To match the cartridge, the system provides seven amplification levels, 12 load resistance levels and six capacities for MM cartridges. Single reed switches are responsible for switching, and the topology is aimed at obtaining the smallest signal transmission distance. As a result, the PH-1000 is promised a noise level of -100 dB.

Also, the Gold Note PH-1000 provides a stereo-mono switch with phase inversion, L-R channel switching and a rumble filter Rumble, which “cuts” infrasound at a frequency of 10 Hz with a slope of 36 dB per octave. All of this can be switched on the fly using the Single Knob Control (SKC), inherited from the PH-10, and a display that also displays the shape of the selected curve, but is supplemented by easy-to-read information about its name, switching option, etc. The PH-1000 reads the firmware from the microSD card. Gold Note assured that the digital indication and control circuits are independent of the all-analog audio path.

Gold Note PH-1000

Unlike PH-10, the novelty has received “rack” dimensions – 430 mm on the “front”. As before, you can improve the sound of the PH-1000 by using external power supplies PSU-1250 or PSU-1000. The phono equalizer was offered in the basic version, as well as in the version supplemented by the capabilities of the pre-amplifier – with an additional switched balanced and unbalanced line input.

The Gold Note PH-1000 is available in three finishes: Black, Gold and Silver. In the USA, depending on the configuration and finish, it costs from 12,000 to 16,000 dollars in the version with a preamplifier.