Dense Home Smart Audio Amplifier: D-class with corian finish

The integrated Home Smart Audio amplifier, which the American company Dense presented as a project on Kickstarter, will fit perfectly on an A4 paper sheet — there will still be room. This is the second product in the Dense portfolio — we wrote about the company’s debut with the DAC-amplifier for headphones Dense Adapt Reference.

The Dense Home Smart Audio is also equipped with an onboard DAC-an ESS chipset that receives a signal from two USB-C connectors. At the same time, the USB-to-HDMI conversion function makes Dense Home Smart Audio a worthy partner for the TV.

Dense Home Smart Audio Amplifier

The audio amplifier is ready to receive both via Bluetooth or via an analog RCA input. The output signal is given in both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) versions.

The terminals in the Dense Home Smart Audio are assembled on Burr-Brown components. These are Class D modules, so the manufacturer emphasized the cost-effectiveness, and therefore the environmental friendliness of the new product.

Dense Home Smart Audio Amplifier

Dense Home Smart Audio outputs 35 watts in each of the stereo channels or 70 watts in bridge mode. In the latter case, the Dense StereoConnect function allows you to easily connect two amplifiers in a stereo variant of twice the power. The novelty is ready to work as an amplifier for headphones.

The top panel of the aluminum case of the Dense Home Smart Audio is made of acrylic artificial stone Corian. Available in colors with the texture of light Limestone White or dark Rock Black stone. The project has already raised more than a third of the required $10,000 on Kickstarter. However, there is still time to complete the project.

Dense Home Smart Audio Amplifier

On Kickstarter, the Dense Home Smart Audio amplifier will cost $ 400. It is assumed that the usual price will be twice as much. The first deliveries of finished products are scheduled for July.

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