Diretta’s high-end Ethernet protocol for audio transmission will reduce noise and clear signal

The developers of the new Diretta audio transmission protocol stated that their technology was created specifically for High End audio. The main challenge was to come up with a noise-free digital audio signal transmission system. According to the creators of Diretta, it is impossible to cope with this completely using traditional solutions like filters, but there is a way out – special software.

The Diretta protocol is based on the following principle: any player (with an analog part) is considered by him as a “receiver”, and any storage / computer is considered as a master node or host.


Diretta will make sure that the host and the receiver work synchronously – this will reduce the load on the player (receiver). Data packets will be transmitted as often as possible. According to the developers, this will ensure the correct average number of computing operations on the receiver (player) side and, accordingly, reduce fluctuations in power consumption. The result is a reduction in noise levels.

Note: Diretta protocol is designed to work with Ethernet. For the Diretta protocol to work properly, you will need a special module, which was offered as a USB dongle for a computer (host). Only certified players will be able to receive a signal using the Diretta protocol. The list of partners already includes Luxman, Fidata, Sforzato and other companies.

The price of the Diretta USB dongle on the European market was 500 euros.